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Vel's 2017-18 Season Preview

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11 minutes ago, Realist said:

Nah worst case is we go 2-4 in the division, lose against NE, SEA, GB, DET, DAL.

Yea that can happen if we lose too many players. Its any given Sunday but realistically the better team wins most of the time. And when healthy, we are the better team.

Some of those teams you mentioned at best are equal to us so I would split those games in two. I see 4 possible losses. 

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14 hours ago, vel said:

Only reason I think we lose to NE is because it's on the road. They don't lose at home often. I think they are like .750 at home under Belichick. That's nuts. But, the rest of the games we should be favored every one. 

Tampa will be the biggest tests late in my opinion. If they are still holding it together, I think they scratch and claw their way to a wild card. That offense is going to be potent. I just don't think highly of their secondary and I think they will get attacked and be in shoot outs. 

The Falcons are at the top of the mountain in the NFC and there is nothing they did to change that. We didn't let our top defensive player walk (Norman). We didn't get fooled by fool's gold career year (Ginn, Oher, Remmers). Everybody is focused on how Carolina fell way off and think it's happening to us but don't look at why they fell so hard. 

Tom Brady is undefeated against the Falcons in his career. That has to change.

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13 hours ago, Falcon mama said:

I just don't think it's that easy....it's not like DQs played GB 10 times. Yeah I agree we're the favorite but I definitely don't think it's going to be as easy as you make it. If that was the case all of us could have a lot of extra cash at the end of the season cause there's a place call Vegas...

That's the thing, myself along with a few others knew the NFCCG wasn't going to be close, even with how hot Rodgers was playing. The film didn't lie. Rodgers is great. His supporting cast isn't. He's got a decent stable of WRs, but no running game and a subpar defense. He's got to overcome his own team and the Falcons. On the road. 

I get cautious optimism, but I'm not going to hype the other team just because. That's a long symptom of Falcons fans but not one I'm plagued with. You will never see me overhype the other team just because I'm used to my team coming up short. 

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1 hour ago, mattyicefalcon said:

Ask Patriots if they ever use injuries or NFL ban of their TOP QB for 4 games as concern.

Imagine we had to effin hold the fort down without Matty Ice for even 1 or 2 games.


It's hard to be the Patriots. Mack's injury shook us up a bit and he was even able to play. 

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7 hours ago, mattyicefalcon said:

We have a brutal schedule and 2 out top 5 defensive line is right in our backyard ALL having elite to top tier QBs.

I simply just cant look past our division ...its gonna be a dog fight!! 


We had 'a brutal schedule' last year.  We always have 'a brutal schedule'

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