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An article that I feel speaks to Tom Brady's greatest attribute and hope Matt Ryan could take this step in huddle and coaching command.

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Scott Davis
Business InsiderJuly 11, 2017
tom brady 2017
(Tom Brady is tough to coach.Steven Senne/AP)

Tom Brady's work ethic and obsessiveness has been well-chronicled, but that doesn't mean he takes care of all of the work for his coaches.

According to Houston Texans coach and former New England Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien, coaching Brady is "one of the most difficult jobs you can have as a coach."


O'Brien told Mike Meltser and Seth Payne of CBS Houston in a radio interview that coaching Brady is challenging because Brady wants to be coached and is so well-versed in football that it, in turn, puts pressure on the coaches.

"One of the most difficult jobs you can have is coaching Tom because he wants to be coached. You coach him every single day, every minute of the day, and all year round because he’s all football. He’s a phenomenal guy and the reason why he is what he is, is because he’s obsessed with football. He’s a great family guy, don’t get me wrong, but I mean, he’s obsessed with football. So when you’re coaching him you better be ready to go at a moment’s notice whether it’s for a meeting, or practice or game, and it made me a much better coach when I was fortunate enough to coach him."

O'Brien continued saying that Brady's knowledge of the playbook and reading defenses means that he could pick apart good and bad play calls.

"If you called a play in the game — a lot of our plays are choices, you can run this or this — and either choice stunk, he would be able to in two seconds, change that to what he saw, boom, and this is what we're running, and he did that. You can't do that with everybody. And he did that with his own brain power, based on his own experience ... He's one of those guys, if he wasn't a football player, I always say he could be a surgeon, a doctor, a lawyer, whatever, he's that type of brain power."


O'Brien also recalled a funny anecdote when he left the Patriots to coach the Penn State football team. O'Brien said he was so used to running so many plays so efficiently with Brady and the Patriots that when he gave the same workload to college players, the practice was a mess.

"We went out for out first spring practice at Penn State and I was like, alright we’re going to do these 100 plays today and I think we were like 1 for 30. Now, there was a high wind that day in Happy Valley so I blame it on the wind, but guys didn’t know where to line up and it was like, what am I doing?!" O'Brien said, laughing. "But that was my first experience of knowing it’s different."

While any coach in the NFL can only dream of coaching a player like Brady, that doesn't make the job any easier. In fact, like many great athletes, if a coach isn't up to Brady's standard, he's going to know right away.




Matt Ryan has the experience and resume to have just about complete control over the play calling, and the best thing about this coaching staff is that they are seemingly willing to let him have that control. Matt Ryan has had to submit himself to every coordinator until now. He's in his prime, just won MVP, knows the WCO and lost a Super Bowl because of a bad coaching decision that in hindsight he should've changed as soon as Kyle said "Pass". I honestly expect championships in the future. We can only get better.


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Leadership,work ethic, reading defenses, and understanding the game was never an issue. Ryan's biggest problem, until last year, was that his offensive line has been garbage and the team had no running game.

As much as I harp about Shanahan, passing the ball and how Kyle could game plan against opposing D's is what helped get us to the SB. It's just that EVERYONE and their mom new we should have run the ball more in the 2nd half. 

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Bill Belichick said the same thing about Brady...in meetings, Brady will bring up a specific play 7 years ago against a specific defensive formation as an explanation why he thinks it would work vs the next opponent....as a coach, you better do your homework when you have Brady as your QB...it's not surprising if you really think about it...he didn't become the GOAT because of his physical abilities....with Brady, it's all between the ears....

Matt Ryan has more physical tools....if he would add the same mental level that Brady uses, he would be unstoppable....

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When you have a lead like that, you run the ball period. We played scared in the second half. Passing the ball continuously took the wind out the defense. You have to be able to run the ball in the second half for that reason alone when you have a commanding lead.


We abandoned the basic fundamental football concept that has worked for YEARS. All they can do is learn from it. I feel Matt Ryan has and he wouldn't let anything like that happen again.

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