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GTA V has shipped more than 80 million copies

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This news is about a month old, but...

GTA V is one of the biggest entertainment releases ever. If you assume Rockstar got $15 on average for every game shipped, that would mean they got 1.2 billion dollars to the studio. Of course, if we assume each game sold at an average of $35, GTA V generated a little under $3.6 billion in direct total revenue to date (comparable metric to movies). That aside from revenue generated online. 

It may be the biggest third party game ever. I think the only games that have sold more have been first-party Nintendo titles that were bundled to **** and back.

GTA V has now shipped 80 million units worldwide since release, and with the game continuing to do well--it continues to see year-over-year growth in recurrent spending--"much more" is still planned in terms of future updates.

It may reach 90 or even 100 million when GTA 6 comes out.

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