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Braves vs. Bluejays

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1 hour ago, Malachore said:

Was this after Freddie getting drilled and the bat flip?

It was after Freddie getting hit and before the one guy called Motte a F****t and bat flip.... That's the stuff that probably got this even more heated imagine being hit like 7-8 times in 3 games and then one of them seriously hurting your star player having is best year ever and then they yell obscenities at you and show boat with bat flips....PISSED

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1 hour ago, Unkn0wn said:

Mark Bowman suggested the Braves could call up Ruiz and have him take a quick course on 1B temporarily while they search for options. Rio has never played 1B before so in not sure how likely that is. Neither had Jace before last night 

DOB added the Braves worked Ruiz at 1B during Spring. 

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9 hours ago, Unkn0wn said:

Hopefully Freeman is ok but if not we're in trouble. The AAA 1B is Matt Tuiasosopo. He's a career .206 hitter in 422 ABs over his career. He's also currently hitting .188 at AAA. Blake Lalli can play 1B but he's also hitting .182 at AAA and is a .135 career hitter in limited MLB action. Kyle Kubitza also has played 1B but he's another guy below .200 career and season. If you go down to AA you have Joey Meneses thats been the primary 1B there this season. He's at .275/.339/.385 this year. Even though he's in AA Meneses is 25 and has 7 seasons under his belt so it wouldnt be crazy to think the Braves could give him look if Freeman is out an extended amount of time. He's probably better than the options at AAA.

Is Ryan Howard still an option?

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2 minutes ago, Unkn0wn said:

Howard was released a couple of weeks ago because he was stinking up the joint.

And has probably been lighting up the joint since then too... This is a terrible situation but somebody has got to step up and man up to fill in the void. 10 weeks is a long time to go without your main slugger. We may have to dip into another teams roster as well.

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36 minutes ago, Unkn0wn said:

Coppy said Jace will be at 1B for now. They don't want to put Ruiz there right away. He'll see some action 3B, get comfortable and take grounders at 1B for a few days.

So, we go from the best hitter in baseball over the past 12 months to a sub-replacement level hitter with no experience playing the position. THIS IS FINE.

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