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Tom Brady covers Madden 18

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2 hours ago, middlegatv said:

Coincidence or the curse?

Within days of being picked for the cover, Tommy-boy's wife is spilling her guts out about about his concussions the he surely didn't want the NFL to know about.

The curse is just getting started with trouble for Tommy.

I kid and the NFL's investigation may reveal no infractions but I think it's funny that within days of Brady mocking the curse, his wife is unexplainably talking about stuff that SURELY Tommy-boy would have told her not to talk about, almost like she couldn't help herself.

I don't believe in curses but when you repeatedly mock one, you're just asking for trouble. 

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On 5/12/2017 at 1:52 PM, RichardCNile said:

I imagine it comes with lots of cheat codes this year?  Of course it does.  

I hope our Defense can bring the Madden curse to Brady when we play them.  

Cheat codes, deflated sealed container, and no new cell phone. :P


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