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To all those complaining about the trade up..

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Who did we trade infront of? Dallas.. Look at every article leading up to draft day on who Dallas had as their #1 coveted player..



Many more, just search for "Dallas projected pick" and Takk's name comes up everytime.

They ended up picking Taco, clearly not the one they wanted but DE was the position they were after. GB traded out of their pick as soon as we took Takk, so they probably were after him also.. Then the Steelers picked TJ Watt. Would Steelers take Takk? probably.

NFL.com draft projections had Takk go ahead of us in 3 of 4 (Mayock put him at #17 to Washington) http://www.nfl.com/draft/2017/mock-drafts


So moral of the story, Takk was going to be taken by Dallas, GB or Pitts if we didnt jump ahead of them. And maybe its steep, but Quinn knows more than you Foster-loving kids.. If he was so great, he wouldn't have slid that far.

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25 minutes ago, mattyicefalcon said:

The backstory: McKinley grew up in Richmond, Calif., surrounded by violence. His grandmother raised him and shielded him, collecting cans off the street to make money to pay the bills.

As she was on her death bed, McKinley promised he would go to a Division I school and do what few in his neighborhood ever did: make it out.

He said he promised her he'd make it to a division 1 school and make it to the NFL and 30 seconds later she died. 

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Listening to Voch Lombardi's post draft talk with NFL fans calling in and Takk is a hot name. Calls from Cowboy fans, Packer fans, Steelers fans, all calling in saying they can't believe we traded up for him and how they wanted him so badly.

There was one Packer fan who had me dying laughing, he was cussing up a storm about how we drafted Takk but then...

Guy: "But it's alright tho, we can get TJ at 33, we'll be good, he's not Takk, but..."

Voch: "TJ who?"

Guy: "Uhhhh..."

Voch: "TJ Watt is a Pittsburgh Steeler."

Guy: "Yeah yeah, he uh..........WHAT? Awwwwww HEEEELLLL NO."

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