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1 minute ago, Diesel_Bird said:

Well that's a first.  Never seen anyone go off like that.  Welcome to the brotherhood. #do it for GMA

Do it for all the kids I know and taught who didn't make it--West County Jail, a bullet or lost drugs/gangs! God be with that young man! Thank you, Grandma! 

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Burst out laughing at all the swearing. The dude got a 3 on the Wonderlic for a reason. Really worried about his coachability and God knows he's got a ways to go...

That said? Dude loves football and is an athletic freak and a half. I like him a lot more than Willis, Charlton, Basham, really any of the guys we could've gotten besides Bowser at DE and he's more of a OLB anyways. Wish we'd gotten Baker but it is what it is. I'm rootin for him.

Actually loved McKinley early in the draft process before his multiple goofs at the combine and learning about his 3 on the Wonderlic, so I'm optimistic.

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