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Well Folks, I did a mock draft 2 weeks ago.  Well my thoughts have changed.  YES, I scouted more and I realize we need some players more than others.  Here we go.



1st Round - Budda Baker FS Washington




2nd Round - Jarrad Davis LB Flordia




3rd Round - Tanoh Kpassagnon DE 




4th Round - D'onte Foreman RB Texas




5th Round - Howard Wilson CB Houston




Budda Baker - I love this man.  I think he is the perfect fit for Dan Quinn.  He has amazing on field speed and tackles about anything he gets close too.  Perfect FS to compliment the Hard hitting Neal.  Would be an instant starter.


Jarrad Davis - One guy that jumped off the tv screen for me anytime I saw Florida play.  He has had injuries in the past but this guy could be a heat seeking linebacker to compliment Jones.  Amazing talent with a great passion for the game,


Tanoh Kpassagnon - I reviewed more tape on him and realize that this man has incredible potential.  Some people compare him to Campbell, I like to think of him as a Demarcus Ware type of player.  Long arms, great height, good motor and speed.  Could be the steal of the draft if used right.


Donta Foreman - The best RB in the draft class taken here in the 4th.  When I say best, I mean he will be the best for the Falcons because the Falcons will need him for the 4th quarter to punish teams.  At 233 pounds, this man is a speedster who can bull doze the opponents.  He will be the missing piece to this offense.  When defenses are gassed from chasing Julio, Freeman and Coleman around, here comes the bruising back in Foreman.  We have missed this type of presence since Turner in 08. 


Howard Wilson - A taller corner with good play ability.  Seems like a Dan Quinn type of guy with some swagger outside corner.  Might not be a starter but could be a nice back up role player to groom.  


Toughness - Check. Talent - Check.  Size - Check. Speed - Check.  Passion - Check.  


So yeah what Dan Quinn wants is RIGHT HERE!

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2 minutes ago, Arkridge said:

I'd love if it played out that way but there's no way Jarrad Davis is there for our 2nd rounder and no way Tanoh is there for our 3rd. Your first 3 picks would likely all have to be made at 31 in order for us to get them.

I agree. I love the draft but I don't see it.

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yeah, the mock is not realistic.    Better chance of getting Budda in 2nd round than Jarrad Davis - who is absolutely a top 40 pick.   I like all of your players in the mock "R" - it is just alternate reality to think you can get all those guys with the draft slots that we own.

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