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32 minutes ago, maorifalcon said:

LOL bum was meant to save us

His future is pitching if he can find control. He throws 96 but has no control over it. That's part of the reason he's back in AAA to work on that. His work ethic is what got him run out of Atlanta though. So no reason to think he'll actually dedicate himself to learning how to pitch.

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ESPN is a dying network. They're losing subscribers at a huge pace and have been for a long time. The last cuts they made was demanded from Disney to cut costs because they don't make enough money. In today's world of social media not many people need to watch Sportscenter to get news and highlights. Plus for people who don't care about unimportant stuff, like where Rizzo goes on vacation, MLB Network is a much better network to watch.

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MLB's interleague rivals just doesn't make a lot of sense. Some teams simply don't have a natural interleague rival so MLB has to try to create one, so on what planet does the Braves vs. Blue Jays become a rival? What happened to the Braves vs. Red Sox? You know, something that actually makes sense given the Braves used to play in Boston? This is the way it should be in my opinion,

 They need to swap the Braves and Phillies. Make the Braves play the Red Sox and the Blue Jays play the Phillies.

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1 hour ago, Unkn0wn said:

The Rockies pitching at Coors Field was no match for that Nats offense. Nats won game 1 15-12, game two 11-4 and today the Nats are up 15-2 in the 7th and still batting. Harper has a HR and 4 RBI in two 7th inning ABs.

You missed a game, it was a 4-game series, the Rockies won Monday's game.

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