Would you trade Matt Ryan straight up for ....?

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17 minutes ago, schwarzenegger321 said:

Wow.  Someone really wrote this.  Man you just can't fix stupid...  Hahaha.   How you doing swift?

I live in the same complex as TD. Albeit he is in the penthouse, but I can promise you I'm far from stupid. 

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25 minutes ago, mtldirtybird said:

None, but Id have to consider Rodgers. Brady wouldnt be the same here without BB, but honestly how could you say anyone has more value than the reigning MVP .

Throw Ryan on the Packers and he isn't putting up the same numbers as Rodgers. 

I don't think there's a single GM in the leauge that would take Ryan over Rodgers. Let's be real.  


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16 minutes ago, SamMills51 said:

Secondary shut down your wideouts for the most part, but you did take advantage of Klein and Tre Boston our last go around, so I'll hand you that. 

Our front seven was #2 in sacks for the year. And that's WITH 7.5 sacks total by week 7, which should tell you a lot. Even if Peppers is a shell of his former self, we still have the same DEs from last year that helped achieve us to that #2 spot. Even that doesn't matter, considering Ealy is a downgrade to our pass rush when he's on the field, and Peppers will obviously be an upgrade even in his old state.

Having a solid nickelback will finally allow our linebackers to not drop back in coverage, and do what they did in 2013 and 2015 - disrupt the LoS and middle. You'll notice that immediately, and it won't be pretty. James Bradberry's already the best rookie corner from last year and #21 overall, and rising steadily each game. Daryl Worley isn't far behind either, around top 30 if I'm not mistaken. Mike Adams is a pro bowl strong safety who hasn't had the luxury of a good front like the Panthers in recent times, and Kurt Coleman will be back in his 2015 FS spot where he led the league in picks.

Oh, and offensively? I'll leave this here:

The only guy worth noting is Olsen, and an often injured Stewart who even got hurt in the Superbowl, and our o-line interior. Not to mention our incompetent OC who can't feel the game to save his life. That's the supporting cast Newton needed to become MVP in 2015. 

Don't be surprised to see him do well with an average o-line this year, as it'll likely turn out to be. In fact, we could easily hit on a couple of nice weapons for Cam this draft, and it certainly would increase our diversity and attack. 

Oh, and 3 division titles in a row under Cam in the Cam Newton era (2011-present), which is more than any other NFC South team. You can harp on our 7-8-1 season all you want, but doesn't change the fact the Falcons - under Matt Ryan - had to do WORSE than us for us to win the division. 

Your right.  The Panthers are awesome.  Cam is such a stud.  Carolina will win it all.

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