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Clevland Browns Inept as Always.. Trade for Osweiler


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1 minute ago, DogIsYourName said:

Well, if they have the room to spare its not a terrible trade for Cleveland.  You get a second round pick.  Yeah, you are screwed this year with that $16M cap hit, but they were screwed this year anyway.

They had like 100m in cap space. They weren't getting close to the cap limit this season. Very smart move on thier part. 

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2 minutes ago, The Architect said:

I love their strategy as far as acquiring draft capital. Going to be interesting to see how the new front office does over time. I thought their last draft was pretty solid and they made some good moves in FA so far.

They've built a real strong OL too and are about to acquire Myles Garrett. The moneyball style might pay off if they can somehow find a QB.

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11 minutes ago, PK Manley said:

Agree with others...Good trade, and now they have a ton of draft capital for the next 2 years...


Yep, I agree if I was a Browns fan I would be excited about the future. They are building a solid offensive line and will have tons of cap space and draft picks for the next few years. They just have to hit on the picks

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