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adrian peterson to replace freeman opinions?

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27 minutes ago, MSalmon said:

don't care on AP signing--I think it's not even reality. On those backs in third or 4th. I'd absolutely understand if we drafted one. For one it's quality depth at a great price. Cheap and makes us deep. Two if the Falcons don't want to invest in either TecO (he'll want a bigger contract soon, too) and/or Freeman it's a great way to develop the pick to replace who departs. Lastly, not a bad idea to have a short yardage bruiser type, ever.


You can get a short yardage back later too. Still need a DT,DE,OG,FS all before a 3rd running back

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6 hours ago, Falconsfan567 said:

Helps that he had an unbelievable college career and came into the NFL and had 3 good seasons and then a monster season and won a Super Bowl and was MVP in that Super Bowl. After that it really didn't matter what he did on the field, he had a reputation and nothing was going to really change that.

First 4 NFL seasons

  • 57 G - 1081 ATT, 4638 YDS (4.3), 44 TD - 237 REC, 2304 YDS (9.7), 13 TD
  • AVG SEASON - 270 ATT, 1160 YDS (4.3), 11 TD - 59 REC, 576 YDS (9.7), 3 TD

Final 12 NFL seasons

  • 165 G - 1941 ATT, 7605 YDS (3.9), 79 TD - 350 REC, 3107 YDS (8.9), 8 TD
  • AVG SEASON - 162 ATT, 634 YDS (3.9), 7 TD - 29 REC, 259 YDS (8.9), 1 TD

I really question why he didn't get more work. Why didn't the Raiders run him more?

  • *1982 - 9 G - 160 ATT (17.8 APG)
  • 1983 - 16 G - 266 ATT (16.6 APG)
  • 1984 - 16 G - 275 ATT (17.2 APG)
  • 1985 - 16 G - 380 ATT (23.8 APG)
  • 1986 - 13 G - 208 ATT (16.0 APG)
  • 1987 - 12 G - 200 ATT (16.7 APG)
  • 1988 - 15 G - 223 ATT (14.9 APG)

I know they had Bo for some of that time in the late 80s, but you just think they would have ran him more than an average of 16 attempts per game most seasons.

I'm sure you saw the documentary about Allen, Al Davis really hated the guy. That jealousy is what it was all about.  

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15 hours ago, MSalmon said:

lol, dude. All i'm saying, and i'm not advocating it (just enjoying this weirdly interesting thread) that if AP is healthy he's far more dominant and i'm not worried about 5 years at the rb position. Let's say we hypothetically signed AP and he balled out and we win a SB but retired right after, would you be PO'd? I wouldn't.

There aren't a lot of truly elite backs in the history of the NFL. And AP is one. Freeman is not. He's a time share back. Good, fits the system and at the moment economical.

C'mon man... At this point Free is better than AP and it's not even close.  AP was great but I think he's done.

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This is silly in my opinion.  I have always liked AP, but he is older and has been injured.  I don't think he fits our system that well.  I'm not sure why this is coming up because there is no way we add a soon to be 32 year old high priced RB that has missed 28 games over the last 3 seasons to injury.  

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AP has had a phenomenal career, but he is at the end, and I don't care about his recent workout video. If Peterson were still a huge asset, then Minny would not have let him leave. The injuries are piling up for AP, and he is not getting any younger. 

Freeman on the other hand is much younger, and does already play a big role in what the Falcons do. Freeman is not going to be the highest paid RB in the league, although he will get a contract that is probably in-line with what Sanu or Alford got, maybe. More often than not, played well last year. 

I'm not saying that AP wouldn't do well here, because he very well could if he can stay healthy. For me, the running back position for the Falcons is more than just fine right now, as both RB's regularly make something good happen during the course of most games. If the Falcons are looking to continue to upgrade the offense, then I hope it will be on the OL, as a great OL will make any back look good.

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17 hours ago, LAmattyboy2 said:

Its not about hating freeman I just dont value what he does past 4-5 mil a year and if I were to spend anything past that I would go all in for peterson because he is the best back in the league. They just showed on nfl network the 5 top backs and freeman was the 4th slowest at 4.56 peterson was number 1 at 4.3

Again, you just don't get it.

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21 hours ago, Falconsfan567 said:

I knew they didn't like each other which is why Marcus ended up with the Chiefs. But no, I've never watched it. I have it recorded but never watched it.

I recommend it....very telling about how far Davis truly regressed mentally in his later years......trying to ruin Allen's career is just one example. Even all the ex-players (howie long etc) and coaches now acknowledge it.

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