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40 minutes ago, VoiceofReason95 said:

Look at that, Dwight returns and outside of two possessions the Hawks don't generate a quality look in the half court. *cough* *cough* *cough*

Look at that.. Dwight the only player that's not in the negative in +\-.. but don't let that FACTUAL evidence cloud your speculative agenda

and if you were watching, when Howard came off the court with three minutes left in the first, while he was off the court they scored a whopping 1 point.. 


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Was such a winnable game tonight. Silly missed opportunities killed them. Hopefully they don't come out flat vs Memphis.


Sorry but +5 in 30 minutes without playing in garbage time cannot be thrown out. Dwight made some mistakes but he was clearly a positive for the team tonight. This team still goes as Dennis goes though.

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+5 highest of all players.... 

Difference in the offense from last game to this game= 23%    They shot 27% from 3..

but yea that's all Dwight   :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

27 assists and 16 turnovers with Dwight, 22 assists and 18 turnovers without Dwight... yet ball movement is better without? Oh yea, stats don't matter.. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

listen, we're all sorry he didn't even look your way when you were tryin.. but that's not his fault either....

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I actually DO know the offense. This offense is best run out of the high post but Dwight doesn't give a s*** about it he only cares about posting.

And what does it matter if he draws fouls if he can't shoot free throws? He sucks. The Hawks failed to take advantage of SA starting slow because he's a dum dum and because he doesn't care to close out, Gasol got three warmup threes.

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