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Pupi Avati`s The House With Laughing Windows (1976), commonly considered a giallo at the tail end of the subgenre`s height,  the film actually has alot of gothic elements too.  IMO,  one of the finest horror movies ever to represent Italy cinema.  A slowburner, but never a dull moment with a ending that is oh so rewarding. 

Please one movie recommendation per a post,  my recommendations may include a full movie stream if not at least a trailer. 

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No doubt horror afiscianados have heard of Mario Bava,  Dario Argento,  Lucio Fulci,  Michele Soavi,  Lamberto Bava,  etc. 

But have they heard of Pupi Avati (The House With Laughing Windows)? Maybe not the Generation Yers/Millennials raised on Scream and Saw. Well,  he happens to be my favorite contributor to Italian horror ever. 

He revisited the horror genre with Zeder (1983), another masterpiece that bears some similarities to Stephen King`s Pet Semetary but they were both released the same year. Hmm. But beware, this film was released in America in a cut version under the title of Revenge Of The Dead. This is the original uncut version uploaded on youtube.  Enjoy!


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