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9 hours ago, FalcanFanatic93 said:

Yea if he had some body telling him to throw a KO blow when he just needed a couple more jabs to win the FIGHT !!

yeah,  instead of telling him "to put this bum away"  some one telling him " hey you have the fight won, just don't get hit"  or in our case..... "just don't get sacked"

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Reacher would gain a quick advantage with a flurry of kicks and punches,  dodges, blocks,  and feints,  but near the end his cardio wears thin,  whereby he goes into acrobatic wuxia wire stunt mode.  

But then Jason Bourne suddenly in dramatic fashion tosses off his Patriots jersey,  takes his Bruce Lee fighting stance and fleexxes, flicks his nose once, then opens a volley of blows,  peppering him with fists and kicks, by doing so sets up an awesome momentum shift and finishes Reacher a la Mortal Combat by ripping his spine out and uses a rib bone for a toothpick.
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