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Thank you Falcons for a fun season

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Gotta have the mindset of finishing from hear on out.

But man, I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy every minute of it. Freeman/Coleman/Gabriel/Sanu/Julio was just too much fun to watch. And those young goons on defense.

THAT's why I hate it when people act like our Super Bowl loss invalidated our whole season. No, we had a GREAT team.

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I'm still hurting too much to reflect on how wonderful the season was yet - but I have never in my time as a fan had more intense pleasure than the moment we won the NFCC game - or more intense pain than the overtime loss in the SB - so if a team can bring that full range of emotions - they went above and beyond.

I know that when the crying stops - I'll realize how wonderful the year was - I just can't quite get there yet with a pierced heart.

Still - thank you to the players who put their hearts and bodies on the line all year for our pleasure.

I love my Falcons and will til I die.   I may never see them win a championship in my lifetime, but I love them all the same.

I told my family to save some of my ashes when I pass and to go to the Super Bowl and before the game put them on the field so I can help them win.

Late during the 3rd quarter of the SB - my granddaughter texted me and said - now I don't have to take your ashes to the SB.    I still hope she's right and I live to share that joyous moment - but if not - you better believe they'll win the next one :ninja:

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Have said it before and will say it again, got up at 4 AM and drove to ATL for the NFCCG which was my first trip to the dome.  I could not have expected or ask for a better experience from the people of Atlanta to the atmosphere in the dome to crushing the living crap out of the Packers....a memory I will never, ever forget.  

The only problem is, that memory was such a good one, it overshadows how awesome it was pounding the Seahawks until they literally started melting down.  Imagine this, first time we played them Sherman has epic sideline meltdown.  Then in the playoffs there were pushed to the point of pettiness and poor sportsmanship.  

Sweeping the Saints and the Panthers....so many awesome memories.  

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