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Thank You Charles Oakley and New York Knicks


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Yeah, there is that...I was just thinking though just how long lasting this is going to be.  Everytime a team in the Superbowl is down by a large margin, they will reference this game.  Everytime they talk about the biggest collapses in NFL history, they will reference this game.  When Tom Brady retires, and they put together his career achievement highlight reel, they will reference this game.  When Bill Belichick is brought into the greatest coach of all time discussion, they will reference this game.  Everytime Atlanta gets to the playoffs or approaches a Superbowl, they will reference this game.  Week 1 vs the Patriots will be 60 minutes of referencing this game.

It makes me sick, and everytime they bring it up it'll be like reliving this sickness all over again.  The only way past this now is to actually win a Superbowl.

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