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I slept great Sunday night and every night this week. My studio productivity is at a peak this week too.

and I aint leaving the boards neither,,!,

 its like this. Our team had a great season and in the end we were betrayed by a Son of Mike "The Ratt Boy" Shanahan.

Is anybody really supprised ?


Now I aint saing wait till next year, just because Quinn and Tommy D have built a great team, and barring catastrophics injury

we are gonna hurt some fools next year,,,,,,,and give Dallas some 36 year old pay back,,,,,,,twice too!:rant: Games of the Year!

We have a great team and barring any catastrophic injuries the Falcons are going to put a hurting on some fools in the NFL next season.

Do I need to repeat it again????  Did I forget to mention that the Aints SuK, and Fk the Eagles, too.

So yall all need to stop your whinning,  it was Shanny who Fk D us royally and stabbed Quinn in the back.

Good riddance tio that sihthaed skumbag sumabeach! 


With all said, if any of you Tosser wants to bail on us and go cheer for the Aints or Sihttsburgh Squealers then go.

We dont want to hear about it cause aint none of us care no hows,,  SO GIT!

Rest of us will put on our big boy pants, and buck up like men, Rise up and rejoin the Brotherhood.


The differance between a Winner and a Loser is when you get knocked down, you get up and Keep going at it.

In Spite of being Betrayed and Stabbed in the Back, Never quit, never surrender.


,,!, you Kyle





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