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Suicide by coach; how can we have elite off. without Shan next year?

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The end game decision by Kyle Shan should be termed 'suicide by coach'.  There's just no logical explanation for not running the ball and kicking the field goal, as everyone here agrees.

My question is: for next year when we don't have Kyle, are there other offensive coordinators we can hire who will have a similar offensive philosophy and ensure we keep being incredibly effective offensively next year?  Or will there be an inevitable step down?  Is Kyle's play calling so unique that this was just a once in a lifetime thing for the falcons?  Can we keep distributing the ball to multiple players, use our two running backs like receivers with quick screen plays and down the field catches, etc?  Can we basically use the same playbook next year??

Also, how long can we keep the present offense in tact given the salary cap, our running back wanting a large contract, etc?


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I could be the OC of this offense and do better than 21 points in the SB, combined with the worst playcalls in human history.  This **** is such a joke, I can't believe you all think this is real.  I'm just waiting for the Undertaker to bust out of the bench one game and tombstone Matt Ryan into retirement at this point.

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