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Bye Bye ATL sports

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**** this **** born and raised here had to deal with decades upon decades of choking and now we own several all time chocking records in a Super Bowl. I'm done, never again will I bother, ATL sports team find the best way to kill the fanbase. A total blowout would have been better than this. We are cursed, we always choke, somehow the Braves managed one but preceded to squander a decade worth of chances. This is not a worthwhile hobby anymore. If anyone wants an example of WHY ATL sports fans find it hard to buy in this is it. The Franchise will pretty much be the Buffalo Bills of the Modern Era a footnote in Superbowl history for losing in a spectacular way. We probably won't get back anytime soon, this was our best chance and up 25 points we blew it.

Screw his, rooting for a team in this town simply isn't worth the frustration, I hope the new stadium is empty and we lose the rest of our Pro teams, they are all cursed and will never win a championship again.


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1 minute ago, dhayester said:

Bye! I'll be here next year cheering them on in the SB once again.

No form of this team will ever make it to the SB again, the literal emotional damage from this one game will be enough to cripple the roster and haunt the franchise forever. We just encapsulated the Buffalo Bills 4 Super Bowl loses in a single game

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I'm literally ready to beat the crap out of anyone not wearing a. ATL jersey but in the end I will always be a Falcons fan. They had this game, in the bag but miracously third down holding calls suddenly came into play! I hope all the bandwagon fans bail, and don't come back. Every longtime fan feels the sting of a game we easily should have wo !

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