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Sporting News has put out a great article explaining that sacrifice flies actually have negativity impact on a players' OBP and how it's time for MLB to wake up and change the rule.


I personally had no idea that a player was penalized for hitting a sac fly. That's incredibly stupid.

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59 minutes ago, K26dp said:

Considering that they are making an out and not getting on base, why would it not impact OBP?

The argument is that a sac bunt doesn't affect a player's OBP but a sac fly does? That's the issue here. Especially when advanced statistics have shown that a sac bunt actually lowers a team's scoring chances while a sac fly increases a team's scoring chances. Sac bunt also lowers a team's win probability while the sac fly increases a team's win probability. So why is a player punished for doing his job and hitting a sac fly?

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