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More trash from Cowherd-Falcons a 3rd tier franchise

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By Nick Schwartz

Colin Cowherd ranks NFL franchises, from elite to complete ‘dumpster fires

On Wednesday's episode of "The Herd," Colin Cowherd unveiled his NFL Pyramid — a ranking of how well each franchise in the league is operated. 

"What’s amazing to be about the NFL … it’s not just that New England’s here, but it’s also that Pittsburgh was close and Green Bay was close again.

If I said to you — think about this … all the owners are billionaires. It’s the No. 1 show on five networks. But I would argue it’s shocking how poorly the individual franchises are run."

According to Cowherd, every franchise can be placed into one of four groups: Exceedingly well-run, mostly well-run, run well-enough and "dumpster fire." Here are the results

Tier 1: New England, Green Bay, Seattle, Denver


"There’s like four groups of teams. There’s four teams in the NFL — and these coincidentally have the four best winning percentages over the last five years — that I would call exceptionally well-run. They’re not perfect, but GM, coach, owner, quarterback, personnel. I’d say New England, Green Bay, Seattle, Denver. That’s it. Those, to me, are exceptionally well-run franchises."

Tier 2: New York Giants, Pittsburgh, Arizona, Kansas City, Baltimore


"I’d say there’s a category of about five to six teams that are mostly well-run. There’s a hole somewhere. I may not love the GM, I may not love the way they draft, I may not love their head coach. But I think the Giants, the Steelers, Arizona, Kansas City and Baltimore, the last four years, are mostly well-run franchises."


Tier 3: Cincinnati, Atlanta, Houston, Minnesota, Dallas, Washington, New Orleans, Carolina


"After that, there are handful of franchises that are run well-enough to at least be viable. Cincinnati, Atlanta, Houston, Minnesota, Dallas, Washington, the Saints and Carolina. Don’t go crazy on Atlanta because they’re here in the Super Bowl. Don’t go crazy on Atlanta."


The dumpster fires: Jacksonville, Buffalo, Los Angeles Rams, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, Tennessee, Los Angeles Chargers, Indianapolis, Miami, New York Jets


"OK, now everybody else qualifies, at some level, as a dumpster fire. Here’s what’s remarkable … that’s like 50 percent of the league! Think about that. Sometimes a Seattle, a Green Bay, a Denver, New England — they benefits from others’ mistakes. It’s not what they’re doing.

Like, if you’re at a company, and you’re No. 2 chasing No. 1, you’re going to get there much quicker if No. 1 makes mistakes. But if you look at the NFL, if you consider the capital investment, the size of the industry. That it dominates professional sports in America … half the league, or close, is a mess. They either don’t know what they’re doing in ownership, they’re too impulsive, they can’t get the quarterback right, they’re poor [at] drafting. That, to me, is remarkable."


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Keep in mind that this is the same guy who said Alabama didn't have a stupid "Rize Up" style slogan last week.   


So in other words, somehow, one of the highest paid, if not the highest paid sports commentators on the planet has never heard "Roll Tide".   Perhaps he is just really misinformed or perhaps he just pretends to be?



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Cowturd, Clueless, and their ilk just say completely idiotic, stupid sh!t just to rile people up and get them to click/call/tune in to their show. That's why I never watch/listen/read anything any of them have to say. 

To me they are bankrupt in the sports entertainment/knowledge department. They are just not worth anybody's time, folks.

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I'm not mad at that. At least we're in a tier with some teams that have championships. And we're lucky to be in tier 3. The Smith years is enough to put us in dumpster Fire status. The Blank years elevated us a little bit still have been inconsistent. We only started experiencing consistency from 08-12 then back down for 3. He's not that far off. 

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