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Hey guys,

I wanted to extend my congratulations on making the super bowl and to also wish the Falcons good luck this Sunday.  Your trip to the super bowl is well deserved, and I expect the Falcons not only to win but to blow out the Patriots, maybe 38-24.  


As a Saints fan, I hate you guys, so don't get me wrong, but the Saints and Falcons have always been sort of sister teams, and we've shared a good rivalry.  When it's us against you, I root for us.  When it's you against them, I root for them.  But I do recognize that this game was well earned.  It's your turn now to make the NFC South proud, and I hope you do.  I hope you win the super bowl.  I then hope you lose every game next season, but that's a different post.  :D


So with that, good luck!  I'll be rooting for you.  


Oh, and remember, people only think you're boring because they don't know you.  When they see how flashy you are, you'll get quite a few bandwagon fans.  When that happens, it's gonna suck, but you'll at least enjoy the winning that goes along with it.

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Well holy fugg, I have to agree with a saints fan here.

In the good spirit of hating each other, I will refer to you as swamper in the future.  

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On 3/15/2017 at 9:27 AM, mvcrook said:

Yeah, congrats. 



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