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Falcons GM responds to demand from Devonta Freeman's agent to pay up


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1 hour ago, andrews31cain21 said:

If thats the case... Freeman probably better go off Sunday if he wants that Money from AB

He defintely put a spot light on himself. He needs to show the world why he said it by letting his performace on the SB field add the dot to the exclamation point. If he does that....I'll tip my hat to the young man for sure.

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I hate they did this on this week

 Couldn't it wait a week? Add that to Shanny's goings on. Notice you hear no junk coming out of the Pat's camp?? You don't want to be remembered for something negative that  may effect your team during the Playoffs or SB you will be pointed at for years to come. Look how the Giants went to Miami before the playoff game. People are still pointing their fingers as why they played like crap.


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The point isn't that he doesn't deserve to be paid more.  He does.

What makes he and his agent look selfish are a few things:

First, no one on our team thought otherwise of his value to the club.

Second, the natural progression & timing of these discussions would never be SB week of the 2016 season.

Third, nobody in their right mind would expect our GM to call a time out during the biggest week of our franchise's history so he could begin contract deliberations with ANY agent/player.  But since a PUBLIC proclamation was made, our GM was indeed forced to take that time out and make his own PUBLIC statement on the issue so that our franchise isn't viewed as "neglecting" one of it's clearly appreciated players.

Unfair to the team, to the staff, to AB and to the fans.  I don't think unprofessional, shortsighted, selfish, and shameful are inappropriate words to describe what I felt was a horrible lack of judgment.

I am hanging onto my love for our little dynamo superstar.  My hope is that he's still grounded and humble and hasn't allowed his success to blossom into arrogance.  So I'll also hang onto my belief that a money hungry agent used her SB bully pulpit to hijack attention away from the task at hand...hanging a SB LI banner in our new stadium!


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17 hours ago, andrews31cain21 said:

Maybe, but I have read a few tweets by writers and such that know how this works have also stated that You can bet DF knew this was coming... Oh well who knows.. Will be interesting to see what happens

I'm pretty sure he did too.

I think he probably needed a more seasoned agent.

I can see him trying to give fam a leg up, but it seems like neither of them have the necessary experience to negotiate.


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