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Super Bowl LII odds for every NFL team

Why Broncos, Titans, Eagles could be contenders soon (1:19)
Jan 24, 2017
  • ESPN.com

NFL Nation reporters analyze every team's odds to win Super Bowl LII at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

Each team's odds, current as of Jan. 23, are presented from best to worst and are courtesy of the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook.

5-1 odds


New England Patriots

The Patriots have the best odds to return to the Super Bowl, which makes sense. Although they have a high number of critical free agents, they will still have Tom Brady (who will turn 40 on Aug. 3), Bill Belichick and a coaching staff that remains intact at the all-important coordinator spots. Those are the key pieces, which should have the Patriots back in contention again next season. -- Mike Reiss

8-1 odds


Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys should enter next season as one of the NFC favorites. Of course, we said the same thing in 2015, after their 12-4 record in 2014, and they finished 4-12. Nothing is guaranteed, but the Cowboys have pieces in place at key positions, especially offensively with the line, Ezekiel Elliottand Dak Prescott. They need to add pieces to the defense, but this was a team that could have been in Super Bowl LI if not for Aaron Rodgers. -- Todd Archer

10-1 odds


Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers' 10-1 odds hit a sweet spot based on the roster returning for 2017. The Steelers own the contractual rights to most of their key players, the defense is brimming with young, speedy options, and one void on the current roster -- an explosive second outside receiver opposite Antonio Brown -- will be filled by Martavis Bryant, assuming he regains trust after a yearlong suspension. A top-shelf offensive line is in its prime. Tight end and pass-rusher are a few positional question marks, but the Steelers are as well-positioned as any team to go deep into January 2018. -- Jeremy Fowler

12-1 odds


Atlanta Falcons



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The teams ahead of the Falcons with better odds include the Patriots, Cowboys and Steelers. What does it all mean? Nothing really because it's just something to play around and have fun with when it's this early. The Falcons return their core next season, including MVP front-runner Matt Ryan, and that should help them stay in serious contention. That's not to mention how young the defense is, with four rookies and three second-year players as the main contributors at season's end. Those players will be that much better next season. -- Vaughn McClure



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Cowboys have seven  starters who are free agents and are currently over the estimated cap for next year.  Even if they were able to trade Romo, it wont help their cap space much per Over the Cap.


Five of those six starters are on defense. Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne, and Barry Church from the secobdary,  DT Terrell McClain, and De Jack Crawford.

On offense,  Wr Terrance Willaims and G Ron  Leary are both free agents.  

On the positive side for the Cowboys, Jaylan Smith may be ready to play next year.  

Due to their cap issues,  they will loose most if not all these players.  I don't see how they dont regress without an incredible draft and/or trade.  

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8 hours ago, octoslash said:

SMH, always with the frigging Cowpokes, every year.  And every year WHEN (IF) THEY MAKE THE PLAYOFFS....they lose in the first round.   Oh but next year, boy...!!

The Jags have more playoff wins than the Cowboys do in the last 20 years yet like you say EVERY freakin year talking heads pick them

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