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NFC Championship RECAP!

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I knew we were going to the superbowl but i'm still shocked and in disbelief. But give us a couple of clicks.


The Falcons came into the NFC Championship game riding their domination of the Seattle Seahawks in the Divisional round. For the Falcons to go to their first Superbowl since 1998, they would need to beat a red-hot Green Bay Packers team led by Aaron Rodgers. Surprisingly, Jordy Nelson was available for this game only two weeks removed from broken ribs. With a win on Sunday, an NFC Championship would put the Georgia Dome to rest in style.

Even though the Packers made it closer towards the end during garbage time, the Falcons dominated in every facet of the game. From start to finish, the Falcons produced an orchestra of destruction, leaving the decimated Green Bay Packers in their wake. Matt Ryan established a rhythm early and the offense never let up, winning their second NFC title 44-21. The defense which has been much maligned over the course of the season caused some key turnovers at the right times. Here are three of the key talking points from the Falcons NFC Championship win.

Matt Ryan Solidifies Himself as an Elite Quarterback

Matt Ryan came into the game off of an impressive regular season, while being the favorite to win the NFL MVP. He had a superb divisional round, putting to bed any doubts about his ability to perform during the Playoffs, and that was reiterated in the NFC Championship game. He outperformed fellow MVP candidate Aaron Rodgers, throwing for 392 yards on 27-38 through the air with 4 touchdowns. He even had one of his touchdowns come on the ground, showing while he is by no means a dual threat quarterback, he can still give the Falcons versatility. After his NFC Championship performance, there should be no doubt on who the NFL MVP is.

Julio Jones Goes Full Beast Mode

Coming into the NFC Championship game, there was some concern over the health of the Falcons top receiver. Julio Jones erased any concerns as he shredded the Packers beat up secondary. While suffering from various foot injuries, Jones put up 180 yards on 9 receptions with 2 touchdowns. Jones absolutely dominated the undersized Packers cornerbacks, showing his physical dominance which is rarely even seen in today’s game. His key play was a 73-yard touchdown reception in which he stiff-armed multiple Green Bay Defenders. With two weeks to rest up and heal, Jones is a scary sight for any defense.

Quinn Shows He Was the Right Man for the Job

When coach Dan Quinn came into the Falcons job, there were some questions on whether or not he could succeed. While he was in charge of the elite Seattle defense that went to back to back Superbowls, there were serious questions whether or not he could build a winning team in Atlanta. After two years at the helm, it’s obvious that the Falcons made the right choice. Through his first two years, Quinn has shown a superb ability to draft and produce talent, as well as building an elite coaching staff. While he more than likely won’t be in the running for coach of the year, he has shown himself to be one of the best young coaches in the NFL.


The Falcons Will Play the Winner of the AFC Championship in Super Bowl 51


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