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Julio is Otherworldly, But Sanu is a Gift From the Other Side


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Look, we as Falcons fans have known Julio is the best in the NFL for a number of years now. 

We know Beckham Jr. and Brown are going to get all the press. 

Who cares, we know the truth of the matter.

I wanna talk about Sanu. I loved this signing from the moment I heard it.

I had a bunch of friends who were Bengal fans years past while he was there and I've always loved watching AJ play so I used to watch a fair amount of him while he was in Cincy and man, he was such a great competitor/teammate there and who best to come in to Atlanta and play opposite of Julio than a guy who played opposite to AJ for years.

He's come in here and been nothing but a pro and done everything and more than has been asked of him with class and respect for the game and his teammates, but done so simultaneously by setting an attitude for this offense that they can't be stopped. 

Roddy was my guy for the longest time. I loved (and still do) him and everything he did for Atlanta and the way he played, but I have to admit that, over time, his personality seemed to change when Julio came here.

He still looked like he was having fun most of time while they were winning in 2011 and 2012, but after that NFCC loss in 2012, things went downhill with him and I think he started to change the attitude in the locker room when they started losing, as losing in the NFL will tend to do. I think this was also pretty evident last season when the spiral began and Quinn had to meet with him individually to "sort things out".

Losing Roddy hurt a lot of us fans, personally, as it did for me, but sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward as cliche as it is. 

I did wonder after he was lost what was going to happen because I feared that we might become the Julio Jones show again, which is fine for the most part, but when Ryan has to key into one guy, it can eventually become a problem.

Cue the Sanu signing.

He is the 3rd Down machine. The guy who goes over the middle or makes the key block and he is the swag of this Offense IMHO.

Julio is the bright lights, highlight reel and also a fantastic teammate.

BUT, Sanu is the dirty-work "set-the-tone" type of guy who every sees early in the game, but also knows they can depend on late.

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Funny, I was on the Patriots board this morning and someone was talking about how bad Sanu is. I was like WTH? Of course they followed up with talking about shutting down the run and seeing how we do with throwing to our RB's. LOL... Yeah lets do that! Someone also talked about how Ryan was like a statue in the pocket.,.... maybe in previous years but not this one. Those guys have never really watched Falcons football and really have no idea what the Falcons can bring.

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