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Any STHs hear anything about SB tickets?

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I was just wondering if anyone had gotten an email from the Falcons about the Super Bowl.  I know in the past teams STHs were put in a lottery.

I also noticed this excerpt from an ESPN article:  

"On Location Experiences received 9,000 tickets to sell with the stipulation that 1,500 had to be earmarked for fans of each team that's playing.

The company offered fans of the four remaining teams playing in their conference championship game the chance to buy tickets before the Super Bowl matchups were set by reserving seats. Credit cards were automatically being charged on Sunday for the Patriots and Falcons fans who took advantage of the offer."

That's crap! I hadn't heard anything or gotten that chance.  Thoughts?


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Just got the answer to my question via Facebook:

The Atlanta Falcons ticket office recently conducted a random drawing for Super Bowl tickets among all Season Ticket Accounts. This random drawing was conducted to fairly distribute the Super Bowl ticket allotment provided to us for Super Bowl LI at NRG Stadium in Houston, TX on February 5th. The selection process was based on account seniority, and was conducted early Sunday morning. If your account was chosen as a winner, you will receive an email as well as a phone call to your contact information on account prior to the close of business on Monday, January 23rd, providing further details on the tickets now available to you.

If you were not chosen as a winner, OR if you would like further information on Super Bowl ticket and travel packages, the Atlanta Falcons have partnered with NFL on Location to offer our fans customizable Super Bowl travel packages. Further information on these travel packages can be found using the link below. All season ticket accounts are eligible for a discount on the travel packages. Simply login to the link below using your account information, or by calling the NFL on Location offices at (855) 201-1689.


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Your odds are slim, let's put it that way, I looked into this before the game in 2012 and the odds weren't great.   I believe I figured it to be about 1-250 odds at the time given the allotment and guess at the number of season ticket holders. Each team gets about 10,000 tickets which have to be allocated to the players, the organization, etc. before it gets down to the fans. 

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