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Walter Football post game write up (he sounds a little hurt)

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35 minutes ago, Lord Sarcomere said:

Walter's salty tears taste delicious

He either hates the Falcons, or loves the Packers. 

It's the former. He's picked against us most of the season, and even when he's picked us, he's done so begrudgingly, and only b/c he thinks the opposing team was worse than us (since we're so terrible), and even then he'd predict us to do worse than we did.

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2 minutes ago, shock said:

Sanu finally played well for once?? GTFO. Sanu has been clutch for the most part this year. He's had a few drops but most of that was early this year. He's been on fire lately. 

At the time when we signed him, he called the Sanu signing the worst signing in FA history, and said that Sanu is an awful WR who can never get separation.

He's stuck by that all season, no matter what.

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LOL.  Great read.  Seeing a few writers who over-committed on their analysis and now have to try to explain it away.  Packers lost because the only thing they had going for them was the legend of Rodgers (which only works in close games).  You can lose a close heartbreaker and blame mistakes.  You get blown out when the other team is just better.

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