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Walter Football post game write up (he sounds a little hurt)


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NFL Game Recaps: Week 19, 2016

falconsb_logo.gifpackersb_logo.gifFalcons 44, Packers 21  

  • The Falcons will be advancing to the Super Bowl for the first time since the 1998 season. Their victory in that NFC Championship occurred because the opponent missed a field goal, and that's exactly how this conference title match opened. Mason Crosby whiffed on a 41-yard kick on the Packers' opening drive, and that set the tone for the rest of the afternoon. 

    The Packers made so many mental errors that they didn't give themselves a chance. Countless injuries didn't help, but the unforced mistakes prevented them from being competitive. Thus, despite Atlanta's 23-point victory, this was more about Green Bay constantly screwing up than the Falcons dominating. 

    The Falcons were up 10-0 heading into their second drive, but it easily could've been tied at 10. In addition to the botched field goal, Aaron Ripkowski lost a fumble at the 5-yard line, negating a first-and-goal opportunity for the Packers. The turnover disrupted a great drive in which Aaron Rodgers was extremely sharp. And this wasn't nearly the final time that the luck factor was on Atlanta's side. The Falcons fumbled twice, but recovered on both occasions. The Packers also had some opportunities at interceptions on instances in which Matt Ryan threw passes up for grabs, but they dropped the potential turnovers. Given that Atlanta's offense is so lethal, the Packers couldn't screw up on offense and blow opportunities on defense. This game could've gone a lot differently, and in most permutations, this wouldn't have been so lopsided.  
  • That said, Ryan is playing on another level. He's resembling Peyton Manning in his prime, and the AFC representative in the Super Bowl will have immense issues dealing with him. Ryan, abusing the Packers cerebrally, went 27-of-38 for 392 yards and five touchdowns (four passing, one rushing). Three of his 11 incompletions were dropped, so his numbers could've looked even better. On the other hand, he made a couple of poor throws that should've been intercepted, but the Packer defensive backs dropped the ball. 

    Ryan will have a tougher matchup in the Super Bowl by default. He won't be battling a stop unit that has absolutely no idea what it's doing. Defensive coordinator Dom Capers seemed utterly clueless and outmatched in this contest, though it didn't help that he lost Micah Hyde in the second quarter and had Morgan Burnett playing at half strength. Still, secondary help is definitely needed. Check out our 2017 NFL Draft Cornerback Prospect Rankings to see whom Green Bay could select this April.  
  • Julio Jones was a monster in the NFC Championship, catching nine of his 12 targets for 180 yards and two touchdowns. Jones dropped a pass, but was otherwise terrific. He made a big catch on third down of the opening drive to move the chains, and he did the same thing in the second half, hauling in an acrobatic grab over the incompetent Packer defenders. So much for that injured toe! 
  • Ryan's two other aerial scores went to Mohamed Sanu (5-52) and Devonta Freeman (4-42). Sanu, who came up with a clutch third-and-11 grab to secure a first down, actually played well for once, though the Green Bay secondary was mostly responsible for that. Taylor Gabriel, meanwhile, didn't do much; he caught two passes for 24 yards, and he was responsible for a drop of about 15 yards. 
  • The Falcons had a couple of nice runs, but otherwise didn't do very much on the ground. Freeman gained 42 yards on 14 carries, while Coleman managed just 29 yards and a score on 11 attempts. 


  • As for the Packers, Rodgers' stat line looks nice, but he'll be disappointed with this performance. Rodgers finished 27-of-45 for 287 yards, three touchdowns and an interception, but all of his scores came in the second half when Atlanta was already winning in a blowout. Rodgers was uncharacteristically off the mark on some of his throws. He also saw more pressure than he's used to. Rodgers didn't recognize what Atlanta was doing with its blitzes, and it also didn't help that the Packers lost both guards in this contest. Lane Taylor went out when the game was still in doubt, while T.J. Lang suffered a more gruesome injury near the end. Lang was carted off and covered up his face so no one could see his tears. Lang was set to hit free agency this offseason, so it's a shame that he incurred a serious leg issue just a month-and-a-half prior to his contract expiring. Lang was third in our NFL Free Agent Guard Rankings

    A couple of other things to note about Rodgers: His pick shouldn't be held against him, as he launched a ball up for grabs on third-and-21 from deep in his own end zone. It effectively was a 55-yard punt. Besides, the interception should've never happened because the officials missed a blatant defensive hold on Jordy Nelson on the same series of downs. Also, Rodgers, like Ryan, was hurt by some drops. 
  • Speaking of Nelson, he took the field unexpectedly, but wasn't 100 percent. He was wincing in pain throughout the entire afternoon. He ended up with six catches for 67 yards and a touchdown. Davante Adams (3-16) also scored, but he wasn't completely healthy either. 
  • Rodgers' third score was reeled in by Jared Cook (7-78), but it wasn't all good for him, as he dropped a couple of passes. Randall Cobb (6-82), the only healthy wideout, led the Packers in receiving. 
  • The Packers need to find a running back this offseason - check out our 2017 NFL Draft Running Back Prospect Rankings - and that was very evident in this contest. Rodgers ended up leading the team in rushing (4 carries, 46 yards), and after that, it was a mix of Ty Montgomery (3-17), Christine Michael (6-11) and Ripkowski (3-11). Montgomery also got hurt, while Ripkowski was guilty of a second uncalled fumble, but coughed up the rock late when the game was out of hand. Dan Quinn, however, did the honorable thing and opted not to challenge. 
  • Green Bay going on a great run to close out the year saved Mike McCarthy's job, so he won't be fired for this defeat. However, his poor coaching was on display in this contest. McCarthy failed to make any sort of appropriate adjustments, and his team simply didn't look prepared to play. Perhaps that was because several of their players were stricken with the flu this past week, but that doesn't excuse Green Bay's delay-of-game penalty on a kickoff. Let me repeat that. They had a delay of game on a kickoff. The only time I've ever seen that was in a Madden game. 

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15 minutes ago, YoungHeezy said:

Sanu, who came up with a clutch third-and-11 grab to secure a first down, actually played well for once,


Thus, despite Atlanta's 23-point victory, this was more about Green Bay constantly screwing up than the Falcons dominating. 

CryMorePlease.gif, somebody?

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Even though I like reading tbe mocks, there is NO DOUBT that Walter is a Falcons hater.  He has slanted his comments towards Falcons for years and he has always had snarky things to say about the Derrty Birds.   I have confronted Walter on this several times through emails but it just always ends up a pizzing contest with him.. Walter is just a nasty gy and only cares about his own opinion.

Don't loom for Falcons coverage to ever be complimentary.  It won't happen.

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