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No defense can stop this offense, the offense can hurt themselves with penalties and poor execution and that hasn't happened lately. Plus the ball has been bouncing the right way. Ryan could have thrown picks in the last two games but the defenders didn't make the play, that is a concern. But I feel not even Belichick can design a system to shut down the offense. The Pats will have to use the Philly strategy and keep the offense on the sideline and hope for a defensive turnover and force field goals.

On the defensive side, tackling will be key. Can't allow those receivers to get YAC. Brady is no Rodgers in the sense he's not a threat to scramble much. If he gets consistent pressure up the middle then I love the Falcons chances. Hopefully Hageman has another game like yesterday.

The other thing to watch for is how will the young defensive players perform on the biggest stage.


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Nobody here is afraid of the Patriots. We have a squad that can score, and a defense who has come into their own. Weather will not be a factor; the game is indoors on a fast track. It is New England who'll be working to keep up with us.

And we're not falling for the old fire alarm at 3 a.m. trick.

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4 hours ago, TheFatboi said:

I think he'll play well. I think they'd try and attack jalen more than Alford. Actually they'll attack our linebackers because they do more inside stuff. They're wr's are smallish and quick besides Floyd. I think constantly going after Alford will result in a pick it 2. Tom will go where the coverage dictates. He's smarter than that. I don't think he will throw at Alford hoping he interferes. 

True. Pats are just gonna play their game on offense, and take whatever our D gives them. If Gonk were playing I would be more concerned about stopping them. 

Key for us will be same as against Wilson and Rodgers...to put enough pressure to not let him get comfortable in pocket. 

On the other side, BB is a defensive genius, but so is Shanny on the other side. 

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9 hours ago, red falcon said:

Steelers played off coverage wise most of the game. That's where they lost.

I agree. I saw an interview with the Pats WR "Chris Hogan" late last night and they asked him how they beat the Steelers and he said something like "We knew coming into the game that the Steelers were going to play a lot of zone in which case we knew we just needed to find the holes in it and that is what Tom Brady did". 

Something I noticed in that AFC championship game though, the Steelers seemed to never get to Brady. A lot of the talk this past week for the Falcons was "How do you contain Rogers?", the Falcons went after him, I think you do the same with Brady, don't sit back and let him have time to do anything. Although my opinion may change after watching the games again, I think that's how you stop Brady, you get after him early and often and get some hits on him. Easier said than done though, but I think it's the key. JMO........ 


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10 hours ago, SkerFalcon8710 said:
Can we stop ignoring the Falcons??
No clue how the Pats will contain them. Go man to man and their RB's will torch our LB's. Go zone to stop that and Jones and Sanu will have field days. Going to have to be a shoot out and the defense is going to have to put Ryan on his ***. This one is going to be very tough, though. It's a bad match-up for the Pats defense.

I agree with this fan. I mean I'm way more confident about this matchup than GB. 

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8 hours ago, g-dawg said:

Having the Falcons history and getting into a smacktalk match w/ Patriots fans is like being a Georgia fan and smacktalking an Alabama fan.   Sure, we might beat them in two weeks and I think we have the better team - but Patriots are so loaded down w/ hardware - with 4 Superbowl wins in 6 appearances - there is no point in smack-talking those guys - futile mission.

only thing you can really say is tom lady.

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2 hours ago, youngbloodz said:

Pats have a big D line and big LBers. I expect more up tempo and a lot of short passes to get them to chase. By the 4th those big boys will be sucking wind like Bama's big front 7

That's what I see. They are big and physical, but not all that fast. This won't be talked about but it's a huge key.

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6 hours ago, kiwifalcon said:

That's true all of that but to me its experienc in the big game that worries me the most.Brady especially been there done that.

In saying that though Defensively I think we match up really well with them.Also with Bradys lack of mobility allows our pass rush to get off more aswell.

Agree that is certainly an important advantage they have over us. In our case though, this team has not shown any particular fear of playing a top-tier team in their house, like Denver and Seattle, nor have I seen even a hint of this team blinking under the glare of the big stage in these two play-off wins.

If the Patriots do go into this game a little more comfortable than the Falcons, I think that advantage will evaporate within minutes, or seconds, of the opening kick-off. After that it's just going to be Matty Ice vs the top scoring D in football and our D against The Golden Boy for the championship of the biggest, most prestigious sports league on the planet.

There is no choke or quit in this Falcon team. They may lose, but they are going to be in this game until the final whistle. I expect this to be a Super Bowl game for the ages, maybe the greatest NFL game that will ever be played. I think this one gets won or lost in double over-time. 

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