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Favorite play of the game?


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Aw man you took mine! When he ran that in, I KNEW it. I knew we were going to the Super Bowl. I knew this 17-point lead was not going to disappear.

But just for variety's sake ...

I loved the Collins strip and recovery.

And I LOVED the Julio 70+ yard touchdown, just throwing the defenders off him down the sideline. Hobbled? HARDLY.

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I just want to give a special shout out to the defense. For all the flak that they have caught, especially earlier in the season, they played darn near stellar today. Entering the 4th quarter, GB only had 15 points and could've held them to 15 points if not for a missed challenge.  This defense is growing and developing extremely well. . . . There are a few things to clean up in the passing game, but I am thoroughly pleased and appalled at this defense.

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