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Dan Quinn to interview Chip Kelly

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I heard the other day on the radio is OC is the last thing Chip wants but will probably only get that offer if all others options are exhausted. The Jags just went a different direction please don't go this direction with the team. He should just go back to college and pretend his west coast teams can play ball with the east coast. 

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The only way I'm okay with this is if we can create a position that is NOT OC for him.

I ironically did want us to implement a situational hurry-up/no-huddle system, whereby we could have automatic plays we call after big-plays that take advantage of the defense being in scramble mode.

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Just now, bossFALCON™ said:

Kelly's offense does have some of the same principles even though it's a completely different offense. It wouldn't be a drastic as the transition from DK to KS. Pretty sure he wouldn't have Ryan running qb draws

Obviously not. It's the same offense that made Nick Foles like like a top 10 QB. 

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