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44th Anniversary


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Tomorrow is the 44th anniversary of Roe V Wade.

Total Abortion Death Count since RvW is now over 59,000,000. 

Total soldiers killed in All American wars combined: 1, 150,744

Population of California: 38,000,000

Population of Canada: 36,000,000

We could add ALL the troops killed in EVERY war that america has been engaged in, to the poulation of the ENTIRE state of California and still have 18 Million more deaths to go before we caught up to the lasting effects of Roe V Wade and the laws following and increasing upon its reach. 


We have killed more than the entire population, of the entire countries of Canada, Greenland, Iceland, and the State of Alaska, And EVERY soldier killed in EVERY American war. . That is everything north of us + those killed in war , and still have over 15 million to spare.   

That is hard to look at and stomach in terms real human life numbers. but it is the facts. We have debated it on this board ad nauseum, so I'm not sure there needs to be much debate on it, just giving the Anniversary Update. 


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