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Info on purchasing our actual seat chairs from the georgia dome.....


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A brief message on the dome screens last Saturday had info on how we season txt holders could purchase our actual seats,with an ingraving certifying there number, etc...anybody heard about this or how we can do it? Nothing on the dome website.thanks

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5 minutes ago, papachaz said:

thanks, wow I can't afford that much

yeah, i saw the promotion and had an initial "wow, that would be cool to have at the house" moment before the realization that paying $$$ for stadium seats in a year where i'm already paying $$$$ for a user fee (the PSL is neither "personal" nor a "license" in any meaningful way, it's just a user fee) before i pay $$$$ for season tix wasn't gonna happen.

IF the franchise was handling this PSL scam better, it would have made total sense and shown compassion to the fanbase to make the Dome seats of any STH who was buying the PSL for the new stadium a gift of thanks for supporting the team. The fact that it's just another money grab by the franchise stinks.

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