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Oh lawd hour fatha!


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Oh lord our father, who art in heaven  thy kingdom come, thy will be done in the dome of Falcons on Sunday:

Aaron Rodger will be sacked, our Falcons be jacked, and the truth of the cheese Is released

The defense will be immense and the stops will be heard as the Packers will do nothing but drop turds

the birds will fly high as they drop bombs from the sky and force the packers to surrender and cry

when the end is near and there is no fear, the birds have exposed the Pack as que@@r

For the time is now, and our resolve is steel, advancing to the SB is real

so, as the day ends and the results sink in, we appreciate the devined and just win!

our faith is strong and to wary is wrong, as our faith in the lord and the brotherhood is simply, strong,

So with great glee, our praise is to thee and for that our thanks is indeed!

Atlanta Falcons, your NFCCG Champions, 


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