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Amazing NFL Live segment


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Why do all these terrible commentators insist that only the "top" teams or players can bring them ratings?

This **** right here was entertaining as **** and it had the Falcons in it!

I guarantee we'd have more national fans if they did more spots like this in the national media. 


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3 minutes ago, Falconsin2012 said:

By far the best X's/O's & poop emoji's breakdown I've seen of us all year.  This is especially great coming from Schlereth who admits to peeing and pooping in his pants during games because the bathroom was too far away and it psychologically overwhelmed opponents once they realized what he did...lol.

That must be why they call him "stink".  What a nickname.  I mean out of all the lineman to do it and you're known for it? lol

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