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GB Safety Burnett update

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Packers SS Morgan Burnett (thigh) is unsure if he'll be able to play against the Falcons in Sunday's NFC Championship Game.

Burnett hurt his left thigh early in last week's win over Dallas. He's been unable to practice this week and is looking iffy at best for Sunday's NFC title game. When asked about his status, Burnett said, "If I could tell you that, then I should probably play the lottery tonight." Kentrell Brice had his moments while filling in for Burnett last week, though he also dropped what should have been a sure interception on a deep pass to Terrance Williams.
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2 minutes ago, Tim Mazetti said:

How did you hear that?

Aaron Rodgers admitted to reporters that he felt under the weather on Friday.

"Rest fluids, all that stuff," Rodgers replied when asked what measures he's taken to deal with the illness. "We'll be okay. Jordy (Nelson) had it. Mason (Crosby) had it. I got it. We'll deal with it." Rodgers confirmed a flu or cold has been going around the team. It prevented Nelson from practicing on Friday. It's unclear whether it'll affect Rodgers' Week 20 performance.


Per rotoworld

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I'd count on more of these guys playing instead of not playing. If they go into this game without Nelson, Adams, Allison, and Burnett I don't see a way for them to win. If they don't win they go home til next year. 

I predict we will see Jordy, Adams, and Allison all out there. Sounds like Burnett could be a true game-time decision.

Someone needs to hit Nelson coming across the middle right in those ribs.

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1 hour ago, Falcons_own_nfc_south said:

They are building all these news so media says oh they were down so they lost.. If they win.. He's the ransom king again.. Sick Rodgers fight with flu and still beat ATL 

Well one journalist likened Rodgers to Jordan, so you know they'll eat up the "Rodgers flu game."

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1 hour ago, Carl927 said:

Rodgers said that he had the flu, Mason Crosby has it, and Jordy Nelson has it.  If that whole cheesy team has the flu, and they infect the Falcons before our superbowl appearance, I'm going to Green Bay and tipping a cow.

We don't need our players to catch it. Put a mask on Keanu Neal, and let him hulk smash Rodgers.

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