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1 minute ago, kschreck said:



I would love to see this picture only with our defense, instead of the police, and Aaron Rodgers as the protester being carried away.  I've been so locked in on football that that was literally the first thing that came to mind when I saw this picture. 

I have no photoshopping skills but this is a pretty **** perfect picture for that idea. I'd recommend the players in order of left to right be: Brooks Reed, Keanu, Beas, Freeney, Jalen, and Deion Jones. 

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1 minute ago, FalconinPA said:

Well have some of the people that will be in the dome Sunday to take some pictures and post them after the game. That guy looks nothing like Rodgers either. JMHO

Agreed that he looks nothing like him, the image just express the type of welcome (and exit) I would like to see him get on Sunday!

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17 minutes ago, holymoses said:


Aaron Rodgers . . . .

Started by kschreck, 25 minutes ago


 . . . was selected three picks before Roddy White in the 2005 NFL Draft.



(I'm shocked that's not where you were going with the thread title.)

I thought everyone was already thinking it so I went a different direction. :D

We did trade away Favre you know.....we could have had the Packers QBs from the last 20 years :o

Same ole Falcons...

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