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Trying to be unbiased....


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I would think that the nfl purist, who does not have a dog left in this road to the superbowl, would want to see the Falcons vs the Patriots.

Green Bay, given there injuries, is a completely 1 dimensional team now.  That's a terrible way to matchup against the Patriots....bad game. 

The Falcons are a balanced power house of an offense. Who can possibly deny this at this point? There are numerous weapons to throw at New England.

The Falcons defense is a bit of a mystery as to how they would hold up vs NE.  But they are young...fast....tenacious and they are coached well. But in the trenches....they have some added experience that will help them. Green Bay is so banged up and depleted...it is difficult to fathom how they could possibly hold up this Sunday.

I think the Falcons D, at this point, is clearly better than GB's D. 

As far as Pit goes, I think the purist generally prefers scoring. Pit scored zero TDs and barely beat the Chiefs. The preference has to be New England.

But this is why they play the game....Falcons and Patriots will need to prove that they are the 2 best remaining teams.



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Great post

The nation is simply unfamiliar with the Falcons & Matt Ryan.

However, the introduction this weekend will be glorious! I once was blind but now I see! The narrative in advance of Atl matchup with NE in SB51 will be the realization of every Falcon fan's dream and capture the attention of the world! 

The anticipation is killing me

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On paper the Falcons are a better team. The only thing they have going for them is Rodgers and a slightly better O-line. If the Falcons and the Pack played to 100% of their abilities, we would win. Problem is, either team can make mistakes that cause you to lose. The best team doesn't always win in the NFL. It's why you need to be good and have some luck to win it all.

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