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These ARE Hard Core Falcon Fans

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Valencia (Spain/Europe) fan here. 

Went to my first Falcons game last year in London. 

You already know the sport is not very popular in Europe (although it's slowly growing), so just imagine how many Falcons fans I've met :)

In the spanish forum where we discuss football there might be 3 or 4 falcons fans out of 200. It might change soon, since people love to jump onto winners' bandwagon.

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I am having fun with the Pats fans @work this dude say's you guys may beat the packers but of course you have no chance to beat the pats 

so I said Steelers are pretty good too and mentioned Bud Dupree and he got this funny look on his face any way I told him not to bet to much

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11 hours ago, blkbigdog35 said:

Conyers for me

Man, sometimes I wish I was still down there. I lived in Decatur( too small to remember a lot) for a while and then we moved to Covington. But I used to go to Conyers/Rockdale all the time.I even dated a few girls from Heritage High  back in the day. When My wife and I came down to see The Falcons/Chiefs game, Conyers seems to have gotten a lot more populated than the last time we were down last year. I swear that place is starting to resemble a smaller version of Atlanta. 

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12 hours ago, MisterC said:

I'm not so sure. There are A LOT of Falcons fans coming in from around the country/contintent/world for this game. Reddit, theFalcoholic, and TATF is evidence of that. I even have HORDS of family coming to town this weekend for this very reason.


yep... coming from Austria. Anyone else staying at the Marriott Atlanta Midtown? 

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