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Which defense player will have biggest game vs GB?


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1 minute ago, DawnOfThemBirds said:

Watch Collins have the game of his life.


He will surprise everyone. Rodgers will pick on him early and often, but he will have some batted passes and 2 picks to show for it.

Dan Quinn is a defensive genius. Its nice to have a Head Coach that knows what he is doing.

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Easy pick would be if Freeney and Beasley can put the heat on Rodger. But I think both of them will show up. I think two players that can change the game are  Hagemen and Campbell. Hagemen and Campbell played really well against the Seahawks. If Hagemen can get a rush up the middle and force Rodgers into Beasley and Freeney's lanes that would be a good sign for the defense. Also they utilized Campbell in a sudo spy to contain Wilson when he got out of the pocket. 

Obviously they'll need big contributions from the rest of the defense, but if both of them can have big games. They'll be in good position.

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1 hour ago, TonyMartin80 said:

Maybe Deon Jones

I think so too. That speed and coverage abilities of this kid takes away a lot of the field. He's almost like an extra nickel back in coverage.

a possibility is also Campbell. He's really flying around the fields and using his length. Rodgers was torturomg those slow Cowboys LB corps

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We are down one Adrian Clayborn. He was the single most disruptive player the last time we played them. We NEED Whitehead and Hageman to step the #### up!  Come on Babs. You know you got two superior games in you, then call it a career. 

I'm hoping the whole DL steps up. Play over your heads men. If you push that line we win. Simple as that. 

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22 minutes ago, TrueFalcon316 said:

That's the one match up I'm not real confident in is our DL against their OL they have arguably the best pass protection in the league.  I think Neal is going to be the player tho that really has a great game

They don't have even close to the best pass protection, Rodgers buys the time himself. 

And my pick as far as a game changing play goes is Alford.

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27 minutes ago, FalconFanForLife said:

Hey was anyone else SHOCKED by old man Brooks Reed in the last game?

I am personally rooting for him to RISE UP and play another one just like that first one.

It's probably his last shot at it in the NFL, so I am gonna make him my focus player of the game on defense.

I love this pick,  if he puts pressure on Rogers like he did Wilson, game over,  have a nice vacation packers.

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