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Filling up the dome....

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So here's my question, is the dome going to be as rocking as it was last week? I want more than anything for us to fill the dome and not see any disgusting yellow and green in there. I know this year is different than any other in our history but we all know our history. Has anyone heard heard about packing the dome? I'd give anything for tickets and would go into credit card debt if I could, but I'm not ashamed to say I'm currently in a bankruptcy and can't. So for Falcons sake PLEASE if you can go, go!!!!!!!

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Packer fans will be there. They'd be there if the game was in Seattle, too. They travel as well as any fan base, including the Steelers. And like the Steelers, they also have a ton of bandwagon fans all across the country. 

Tickets are definitely a good bit pricier than last time we hosted this game. Last week was probably 95% Falcons fans, maybe even a tad higher. I'm guessing it will be around 75/25 or 80/20 this time. The key is to be loud, and hopefully we get off to a strong start and keep their fans quiet. 

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3 minutes ago, sandtrap said:

Blank should buy up a huge chunk of seats and give them away. 

I would absolutely LOVE to see something like this happen, even if he buys them up to resell at face value or something to people who prove they're falcons fans.  I know that it's a business and earning money is a very high priority for Blank, but there's gotta be some part of him that wants a championship so badly that he would consider it.

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Just now, Theyhateme : ) said:

So AB goes to Stub Hug and buy up tickets?  Ok...cool.

He's a billionaire, he could literally hire someone to shake his d**k for him after taking a leak. 

But yes, he should hop on his laptop and buy 2 tickets at a time on Stub Hub & give them away.

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