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Life after Matt Bryant..


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It's the elephant in the room and none of us wanna talk about it or put serious thought into it.. 

Seriously wtf are we gonna do... we've all been blessed with having a kickers who's been hitting 90+% the past 5 years.. I can't imagine him being here next yr even though he still has the leg.. dudes gonna be 42... 

whos our next Elam/Bryant??


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7 minutes ago, Golden State Dirty Bird said:

Well just sign another veteran kicker and hope he is as good..  Remember the horrible situation we were in before Bryant?  We were thrilled to sign him because at least we knew he could put it through the uprights within 30 yards at ease and we won't have to hold our breath..

True watching the quick radical decline of Elam was devastating as well

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The good and the bad.


The good

Bryant probably won't retire unless the Falcons win a Super Bowl.

Dimitroff has never drafted a kicker and has drafted a punter as high as the 6th round. 

Bryant would save $2.5M if he retired before the 1st league day to go out and sign another kicker


The bad

the FA pool is pretty bad. I wouldn't mind Robbie Gould, but he's no Bryant. 

The kickers in the draft kind of suck.

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I see no reason to believe that Bryant is gone after this year at this time, outside of blatant pessimism. 

He's not in decline (despite all those who said he was last season :rolleyes:) and I have seen no word that he is even considering retirement.

He's fine. Leave him alone and let him do his job.

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