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Falcon fan since birth.


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I was born in 65. So, I grew up watching the Falcons. My daddy and brothers and even my mom were all crazy about the birds.


I joined this message board sometime between 2001-2004 not sure when exactly. I used to have a pretty big post count but lost then due to the server switch they did a few years back.


Anyway, all my life I have been laughed at by people who tell me how stupid I am for liking the lowly Falcons. And through the years when they have done something good.Getting to the playoffs. It kind of makes you feel justified for being a fan. Then, they lose during the playoffs. And the cycle starts over. " Your stupid falcons choked" and so on. Especially the 1980 falcons against Dallas.....:bang:


You kind of get the mindset after decades of hopes dashed and 3-13 or 5-11 seasons. With an few playoff seasons sprinkled in there. Then the super bowl year. We finally made it!!! I couldn't believe it WE FINALLY made it. The joy didn't last long though. It wasn't too long into that superbowl where you knew. It wasn't going to happen. You keep thinking if they could just stop Denver and get the ball back then get a turnover just maybe.....but no it was'nt meant to be. And no, I dont blame Eugene.


Then down the line things started looking up. We got Vick and go into Green Bay and beat them in frigid temps. It's finally going to happen again this is it. But then Philly ends that hope.

Well then we venture in to Vick shooting fans the bird. And getting caught at the airport with an unknown substance in a container...then the dog fighting. Then Petrino. My gosh.It's never going to get better.

I won't bore you with the rest of the Mike Smith era most of you can remember that all on your own. Not that Mike Smith was a bad coach. I just don't feel he hada killer instinct. We never should have let SF come back in that NFCCG. But that's water under the bridge.


I'm not embarrassed to be a Falcon fan. I'm used to the comments. And honestly this year feels different. I won't be embarrassed IF we lose to Green Bay( I really feel we got this). Even if we get to the big dance and lose. There's something different about this team. This team is young  and has lots of upside.So I think being in the playoffs should become a normal thing just like it has been for Green Bay and Seattle...and New England.

That being said. I feel we can stand toe to toe ,punch for punch with any team. Yeah Green bay is scary. But so are the Falcons.I hope we blow Green Bay out. But that being said. 35-31 Falcons seems to be what i come up with.


The Falcons are confident and they got this. Enjoy the ride. 


this aint my daddy's Falcons. This is the new dirty birds of the south.


Now gimme 1000 likes. I need em.:rolleyes:






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