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This Year is Different (Or At Least It Feels Like It)


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2012. NFC Championship Game. Falcons are up by 17, and my family and I are watching the game tucked away in our Falcons "man cave" in a house located in small town called Brooklin, Ontario, Canada. Contrary to the score on the screen, we watch in fear, calculating the most likely worst case scenario in our heads until it festers to become expectation.

I snap out of it and do my best Braveheart impression to try and change the attitude in the basement. "We have to stop acting like losers. This year is different, guys. We're up by 17 in the NFC Championship and we WILL go to the Super Bowl. Let's stop being afraid all the time and enjoy this moment."

"Buddy, we're the Falcons. Have you learned nothing?" - my dad, fan of then 35 years cynically responds. We lost that game.


So what's different about this year? Well, for starters, we didn't watch the game as just a family in a basement in Brooklin. We rented out a bar in Toronto, and hosted a party of 45 people, handing out "Rise Up" buttons at the door. For once, a Falcons playoff game didn't feel like something to fear - it was something to celebrate.

But the most significant moment of the afternoon came in the second quarter when Tevin Coleman scored to put us up 18-10.

My dad turned and looked at me and said "This is the year." I've never heard him say that. I said it back, and meant it. Because unlike my Braveheart speech, it didn't feel like acting.

So for all you that are superstitious (or just a little stitous), fear not, we've rented the bar out again for Sunday. I'm going to order the nachos because I want to do as the Falcons will do and demolish some cheese.


In brotherhood (and technically sisterhood), we rise!!

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