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Plea to Falcon Fan Ticket Holders


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When GB comes to the dome this week, please do not let them invade the dome like they did during the regular season. I understand if you are in a rough financial spot and need to make money on the tickets. For the love of God, please make sure it's a Falcon fan you are selling them to.

I just heard way too many cheers on that GB TD, and it reminded me of the regular season game against GB. Way too many yellow and green jerseys. They have way too many local bandwagoners that only like them because of the media lovefest with Rodgers. 

If you can, try to get them to a fellow Falcon fan. This game has a Super Bowl on the line. You will not make more by selling it to a GB fan. You WILL make it harder for us to get there. And you will make FAR more off of the Super Bowl tickets if we make it.

Thank you. Go Falcons!

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