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Devin Hester stopped by Falcons locker room after game

Cole World

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1 minute ago, MAD597 said:

Wish we would he kept him. Weems does nothing as a PR/KR and let the ball hit near the goal line to much

He was hurt for too long and Weems is usually reliable.

Hester was trying to make it happen and Weems is not Hester.

We won, so we made the right decision.

1 minute ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

I was hoping we would kick away from him.  I knew he'd put in a good performance against us.  Guy just needed to be healthy.  


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"So uh, since our seasons over and all, uh....you think I can ride with y'all next game?I knew these bums weren't going anywhere when I signed with them, but I wanted to have another shot to show you that I still got it coach. Did you see that speed out there? I could get water to the whole offense on the sideline in 4.39 seconds...."


- Devin Hester to Head Coach Dan Quinn after Seattle's 36-20 Divisional Round Loss

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1 hour ago, wordtobigbird said:

Wow, that picture htough, Hage and Neal are some monsters out there.

Hester was definitely playing like it was his last game. He kept them in it.

He was about to beat us all by himself.  The penalty that lead to the safety just completely deflated them. 

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