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POLL: Who was YOUR MVP of this game? (not named Matt Ryan)



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  1. 1. Offense

    • Julio "Jet" Jones
    • Devonta "Juice Man" Freeman
    • Tevin [?] Coleman
    • Levine Toilolo
    • T. "Turbo" Gabriel
    • M. "Sanu" Sanu
    • Matt Bryant
    • Matt Bosher
    • Alex "51" Mack
    • Eric "Weemsy" Weems
    • Justin "Magneto" Hardy
    • A. Robinson
    • Austin Hooper
    • DiMarco
  2. 2. Defense

    • Keanu "Ke" Neal
    • Deion "45" Jones
    • Victor Beasley Jr.
    • Brooks " Thor " Reed
    • Dwight Freeney
    • Ben the real "Double Agent" Garland
    • Grady "Son of Tuggle" Jarrett
    • Justin "Old Man" Babineaux
    • Devondre Campbell
    • Jalen Collins
    • Ricardo "1 Interception" Allen
  3. 3. Overall MVP

    • Tevin Coleman
    • Brooks Reed
    • Alex Mack
    • Justin Babineaux
    • Devonta Freeman
    • Julio Jones
    • Deion Jones
    • Ben Garland
    • T. Gabriel
    • Vic Beasley
    • Mohamed Sanu

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O: Sanu

D: Jarrett

MVP: Mack

Sanu: I loved this signing from the get-go in the offseason, always loved the way this guy played, even when he was 2nd fiddle to AJ up in Cincy. It's rare for WRs to be "OK" with that and he has come here and had the same approach and been a total professional and when he gets his looks he is as tough and physical (and dependable) as they come. When Jones was hurt, Sanu showed up and BALLED OUT and was practically uncoverable (not like they covered any ATL receivers all day), but he was a tone setter.

Jarrett: This guy is just RAVENOUS when he plays, his motor is endless and he plays as hard as I have ever seen anyone in the NFL on every single play. Love his grit and I am so glad Quinn and TD found this diamond and picked him up. He is beating the odds and man, again, he is a tone-setter on the Defense.

Mack: What can we say about him. I'll admit I didn't like the contract initially, but I was relieved to actually have an NFL Center on the roster heading into the year. WOW, what a difference he has made. The O-line is obviously far from perfect and they need to seriously look at help at the Gs in the draft, but man, he has just been a bruiser and kept that unit playing so well together, maybe even over-achieving to a degree. I think, like Ryan is for the RBs and WRs, he is the confidence builder for the other guys on that line. Like Ryan always says after his performances, it all starts up front and those guys get it going. 

It starts and ends with Mack.

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Freeman didn't have his best game carrying the ball but Coleman picked up the slack there. He provided the balance we needed to really take it to the Seahawks defense. Also, he made that great TD catch.

Freeney because the old man stepped up on the big stage and applied pressure early. Maybe it's just me but that seemed to give the younger players confidence which is when the entire D-line really stepped up their games.

Mack because... well, he's ******* Mack.

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Our backup center getting a safety is something I'm not gonna forget for a long time.

Having said that, I voted Sanu. Jeremy Lane talked smack to him after getting away with defensive holding. It was basically the same thing that happened to Benwikere in the Panthers game, and it had the same outcome. For the rest of the game, Sanu made Lane's life miserable, both catching the ball and blocking downfield. Lane shouldn't have poked the bear.

I thought we overpaid Sanu last offseason. He's already justified the lifetime of hiscontract this season imo.

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I was at the game and I just want to give a shoutout to De'Vondre Campbell. It seemed that when we started spying Wilson with Campbell is also when Wilson was throwing incompletions, throwing the ball away, or picking up minimal yards with his feet. Campbell's closing speed is insane, fellas. 

Big shoutout to #59 for his efforts and to the coaching staff for using Campbell in an effective way! 

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