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2016 Cowboys are the 2010 Falcons


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Zeke doesn't typically get hit until he's past the line of scrimmage. That makes getting to the second level almost a certainty unless linebackers play disciplined and gaps are minded. Next week will be like this week if we can go ahead in the first half and they panic and think they need to pass to catch up. Dak is Russell Wilson's younger, stronger twin, so the things we did to keep him in the pocket will need to be repeated if we play the Cowboys. If we play the Packers, we'll need to keep Rodgers from scrambling and our DBs will need to stay with their men as they are tracking him. Allen will need to play a huge game if we play the Packers.

I'm confident we can beat either of them. This team is looking good.


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25 minutes ago, Romfal said:

end of the day I will take playing at home vs anyone


17 minutes ago, DawnOfThemBirds said:





Playing at home also helps that young Falcons defense more than playing on the road. They had much energy vs the Seahawks. The Falcons 12th man.

Echoing these. Especially if our home crowd shows out just as hard. They were rocking the Dome today.

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